Spend $25 and Get FREE Shades

We have a wee bit of a promotion going on through our Online Parts Store right now, and here is the skinny. Spend $25 on parts through our EStore, and we will send you a pair of these sweet shades for free! One pair of shades per customer transaction… We are running the special through Friday April 11th. You must use the secret code “FREESHADES” in the comments section of the order to get the shades.

Happy shopping friends! Access the Estore HERE

St Judes Dream Home Giveaway

So I was reading up on this ‘Dream Home Giveaway‘ being run by St Judes and I was pretty blown away. I guess the way it works is that you buy a $100 ticket and you are entered for all sorts of prizes. Now, I don’t really like playing the lottery because I feel like the deck is so clearly stacked against you. However, aren’t these types of raffles and giveaways a win-win for everyone involved? St Judes raises all sorts of money for their causes, the donors are entered into a contest for supporting a great cause, and the companies providing the donations get great exposure through marketing the event. Overall, I see it as a huge positive. It’d be pretty amazing if more non-profits took some cues from St. Judes and ran these type of events where everyone walks away feeling like a winner.

Oh, and a quick side-note; If you buy a ticket before March 28th you’re entered into the Early Bird registration and you could win a Subaru Outback, along with being entered into the home raffle! Go get ‘em by clicking HERE.

Colorado Springs Dream Home Drawing

2014 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

I had the opportunity to spend some good time in one of these Hybrid models recently and I’ll tell you right now it was a ton of fun. I loved the heads up display on the dash that shows where the power is coming from and where it is going. I love the green color, I love the different wheels. To be fair, we are definitely Subaru biased around here, but this car is fun. And for all those who are bagging the car because it’d not a “true” hybrid think about this. Subaru is easing its way into the scene and exploring the territory. And if you’d like another little nugget to ponder, check out the torque on the Hybrid compared to similar makes/models.

2014 Subaru Forester Ramp Test

If you’ve never owned a Subaru before this video may just be the thing that pushes you over the edge. Here we see the Subaru Forester put side to side with 4 other makes in a ‘Ramp’ test where the cars are tasked with driving up an incline while water is running down over a plastic surface. As you can imagine the Forester is the only car to successfully accomplish the task as the others all get stuck at some point up the ramp. Obviously we’re biased, but in our experience this test proves to be true. The Subaru system is far superior to other makes and models when it comes to navigating rough terrain. In other news, we LOVE running our Subarus through impossible situations just to see what might happen. In conclusion, Subaru #FTW.

2014 Subaru WRX Written Review

So there is a good, balanced review of the 2015 Subaru WRX available on MSN Autos (Read it HERE) As part of my job here at Heuberger Subaru I share this content with others and of course I get the added benefit of seeing everyone’s response. I was honestly surprised at the reaction to the automatic transmission being offered. As I mention in the post, I’ve had 3 hip replacements, and an automatic option is the only one for me if I’m EVER going to own a WRX. Here’s my point, the auto tranny is just an OPTION, if you don’t want it–don’t buy it. It behooves Subaru to open the door here to more prospective buyers because frankly, we live in a world of personalized options. In my opinion, the more people driving Subarus the better, because Subaru is producing one of the best vehicles for the money right now of any manufacturer in the World.

Just for fun, here is the Facebook thread, you can see for yourself where this all got started…