Crosstrek Giveaway

We don’t always give cars away, but when we do, we LOVE it!!! Here is a huge congratulations out to the winner of the 2014 Crosstrek. This was a fun one, because all you had to do to enter was give to 5 or more non-profits during the Indy Give Campaign, which ended up raising over 1.1 million dollars for local non-profits here in Colorado Springs. Giving something like a new car away is a big deal, and we were extremely happy that this one went to support such a great cause! Huge thanks to everyone who participated, Colorado Springs Rocks!!!

2014 Subaru WRX video review

I posted a written review last week from MSN Autos, and this week we have an actual video review to share. This one seems to be a pretty fair review, thorough, and complete. The guy driving the car will crack you up, as he did me, because he’s completely stoked on this new model. He compares the automatic CVT version of the car with the manual 6-speed transmission and rightly says that if you want to experience the most from this new model you need to be thinking down the along the lines of the manual transmission. As stated in our last post however, it is awesome that Subaru has brought back the automatic option for folks like myself who cannot drive manual transmission vehicles. All that to say, he doesn’t have much to complain about as it looks like Subaru has knocked it out of the park… Again

2014 Subaru WRX Written Review

So there is a good, balanced review of the 2015 Subaru WRX available on MSN Autos (Read it HERE) As part of my job here at Heuberger Subaru I share this content with others and of course I get the added benefit of seeing everyone’s response. I was honestly surprised at the reaction to the automatic transmission being offered. As I mention in the post, I’ve had 3 hip replacements, and an automatic option is the only one for me if I’m EVER going to own a WRX. Here’s my point, the auto tranny is just an OPTION, if you don’t want it–don’t buy it. It behooves Subaru to open the door here to more prospective buyers because frankly, we live in a world of personalized options. In my opinion, the more people driving Subarus the better, because Subaru is producing one of the best vehicles for the money right now of any manufacturer in the World.

Just for fun, here is the Facebook thread, you can see for yourself where this all got started…


Subaru is like, wicked smart.

I was talking just this past Tuesday with Kevin, our mastermind internet friend behind such ventures as and, among other things, about HOW Subaru leaks information on it’s prized model releases. Wouldn’t you know, just barely 20 hours later, photos leaked of the new 2015 STi, and then BOOM, it was EVERYWHERE! I’m sure you’ve already seen pics, but if you haven’t here’s one…

2015 STi

And then, today, this video about the 2014 STI competing in the 24 hour Nurburgring race began gaining traction:

Kevin and I were like, Coincidence? I think not… Let’s just say this friends. Subaru knows exactly what they’re doing and they’re doing it well. Keep your eyes peeled for more ‘Leaked’ information soon, and I promise to get pics up as soon as I see one of the new models roll of the truck.

Until then…Cheers to the anticipation.

Annual Pet Photo Contest Update

So we’ve had tons and tons of great entries this year already so here’s a HUGE thank you to everyone who has submitted photos. A few reminders moving forward;

We have three categories that will be judged;
1. Photos of your pet
2. Photos of your pet and your Subaru
3. Photos of your pet with a uniformed military member

Each category will have a 1st and 2nd place prize, $100 and $50 respectively towards PetSmart. All you need to do to enter is post your photo into our Facebook Page wall here, and please use the hashtags #SubaruPetPics and #SubaruSTLPets in your post. We will compile all the photos and announce the winners on Tuesday January 7th through our Facebook page. Our judges are some of the fabulous employees of the Pikes Peak Region Humane Society.

Thanks for entering, please comment any questions here or on Facebook! Thanks y’all :-)

Lab nose in a fence

Lab nose in a fence

2013 Pet Photo Contest

Okay it’s time! We are running our annual pet photo contest again. (It’s annual now that it’s the 2nd year we’ve run it back) The rules are pretty straight forward, with a couple little twists. Also, we are partnering again with the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, and their media team will be judging the winning photos.

All you need to do to enter is post your photo onto our Facebook timeline and please use the hashtags #SubaruPetPics and #SubaruSTLPets in your post. We will compile all the photos and announce the winners on Tuesday January 7th through our Facebook page. The contest runs from RIGHT NOW until Sunday January 5th. We have three categories you can enter, with 1st place and 2nd place prizes being awarded in each category. 1st place for each category wins a $100 Petco giftcard and 2nd place wins a $50 Petco giftcard.

The categories are:

1. Your Pet. (Just the best, most creative, beautiful picture of your Pet)
2. Your Pet in a Subaru (Same thing as above, just IN a Subaru)
3. Your Pet with uniformed military personnel. (Same as #1, just with uniformed military in the pic)

Pretty straight forward, please email with any questions you may have! Start posting your pics!

Subaru Dog

Subaru Dog